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Where we practice

Stadion Alle 70
8000 Aarhus

Ceres Park Arena
Hal 1

Contact us

Team Århus Floorball
Chairman Christoffer Kyk
Niels Bjerres Vej 45
8270 Højbjerg 

General information and questions from new players can be directed to:
Theis Shippen via kontakt@taaf.dk        (new player)

Questions about the men’s training can be directed to:
Simon Agersnap via herrehold@taaf.dk (men’s team)

Questions about the women’s training can be directed to:
Cecilie Eriksen via damehold@taaf.dk  (women’s team)

Financial questions about. membership fee or student discount:
Cecilie Kær Eriksen via kasserer@taaf.dk

All other questions can be directed at the chairman:
Chistoffer Kyk via formand@taaf.dk