Every Wednesday from 8:15 PM approximately 17 - 24 players meet up in Ceres Park Arena hal 1 to play floorball together.  

If you are really lucky the coach is bringing cake. 

We start with warming up for about 5 min. Followed up with a few excersises e.g. passings, warming up the goalkeeper and different ways of getting the ball from the defence to the wings. We always take a huge chunk of time to play against one another.  

Wednesdays are a good starting point at Team Århus Floorball since you'll get to meet both the men and women from the other teams.

Floorball is a really great sport for newbies, because experienced and new players can play alongside without ruining the experience.  

So what are you waiting for? Join our Wednesday practice - but be careful it is addictive.