Become a part of the TÅF team

Are you considering floorball? Want to join?

How do I start?

Our team has room for all nationalities, levels, ages and genders!

New players get to join Wednesday’s practice, with both female, male players and exercise members (members, who only joins Wednesday’s practice)

Bring your sportswear, indoor shoes and drinking bottle. 

The first two practices are free – afterwards you decide if you want to continue. 


You can borrow everything you need, but if you want to buy your own equipment, we have negotiated a discount deal at Copenhagen Floorball Center.

In their shop you can buy sticks, other floorball related equipment and clothes with your favorite club’s logo.

Please note that in the field “yderligere oplysninger” (further information) you must write that you want to be assigned to Team Århus Floorball. Feel free to copy paste following sentence: “Jeg vil gerne tilknyttes Team Århus Floorball”.

That gives you access to the shop – it is a the bottom left of the website. 
In the shop there is a variety of equipment with logo and discount already subtracted.

Wait – that is not all. Every other item in the shop you will get with a 15% discount.

Membership fee?

The membership fee is paid through Holdsport.net and is collected every 1st of September and 1st January.

If you are playing matches the fee is 1100 kr. for every half season.

Players below 18 must pay 650 kr. for every half season.

An exercise membership is 750 kr. every half season.

At Team Århus Floorball we honor our student members with a 10% discount as long as you can show a valid enrollment paper to the treasurer. 


Contact the coach via e-mail about try-out and registration.